Foxtail Community Farm  
We've always raised our own seedlings, starting with
a closet-sized frame that Eric built behind our rented farmhouse in
Wisconsin, and expanding over the years to the series of hand-built
tunnel-style greenhouses that now grace our farm yard. Coupled
with Eric's previous work experience in commercial greenhouses,
we've gained a lot of skill & knowledge that help us get a great start
on each new growing season.

We offer a unique array of sustainably-raised vegetable,
flower & herb seedlings for sale each spring
. By purchasing
your seedlings from us, you'll get beautiful healthy plants and help
support a small local family farm.
Foxtail Farm seedlings are raised with care right
here on the farm. Our greenhouses are licensed by the
NYS Department of Ag & Markets.  We use certified
organic soil mix produced in the Hudson Valley and
source only non-GMO seeds from trusted seed
companies. We choose varieties that grow well in this
region, including many time-tested organic and
heirloom varieties - the same plants we grow on the
farm. Our seeding schedule is timed so that seedlings
are hardened off and ready to transplant when you get

Seedling Sale
& Open House

Sat May 20
Sun May 21