Foxtail Community Farm  
We've always raised our own seedlings, starting with
a closet-sized frame that Eric built behind our rented farmhouse in
Wisconsin, and expanding over the years to the series of hand-built
tunnel-style greenhouses that now grace our farm yard. Coupled
with Eric's previous work experience in commercial greenhouses,
we've gained a lot of skill & knowledge that help us get a great start
on each new growing season.

We offer a unique array of sustainably-raised vegetable,
flower & herb seedlings for sale each spring
. By purchasing
your seedlings from us, you'll get beautiful healthy plants and help
support a small local family farm.
Foxtail Farm seedlings are raised with care in
our farm greenhouse, which is licensed by the NYS
Department of Ag & Markets.  We use certified organic
soil mix produced in the Hudson Valley and source
only non-GMO seeds from trusted seed companies. We
choose high quality varieties that grow well in this
region, including many organic and heirloom varieties -
the same plants we grow here on the farm. Our seeding
schedule is timed so that seedlings are hardened off
and ready to transplant when you get them.

Now taking pre-orders
for spring seedlings!  
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Orders are due
by March 1st!