Foxtail Community Farm  
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a
unique partnership between farmers and consumers. Your CSA
membership provides us with a stable customer base and
reliable cash flow, and in turn we provide you with a steady
supply of farm-raised food and an assurance that your food
dollar supports a local farm family using ecologically sound
growing practices.
Joining a CSA is the most direct way
you can support a local family farm.

Foxtail offers members a diverse and authentic CSA
experience. Our CSA is a natural extension of our family's own
homestead, and we invite members to share in the bounty,
challenges and rewards of farming. The CSA is the centerpiece
of our farm and our highest priority outlet for the food we grow.
      Foxtail CSA membership offers your family...

  •   vegetable, fruit, egg & meat share options
  •    year-round CSA offerings changing with the seasons
  •    pick-up sites on the farm in Greenville and in Albany, Delmar & Loudonville
  •    convenient pre-packed share boxes - members say it's like getting a present each week!
  •    weekly farm newsletter featuring recipes, articles & practical information on weekly share items
  •    invitations to special farm activities including seasonal festivals, workshops & volunteer work days
  •    access to the farm for hiking, picnicking or other recreation
"The personality of this CSA is so comfy for me - it's
been a great ride and I enjoy everything about it.
Thank you for being here for me - I love my CSA!"
"I have belonged to
many CSA shares and
Foxtail is by far the best!"
Fresh vegetables and herbs are the centerpiece of
our farm.  We grow a wide seasonal variety from spring
greens to summer tomatoes to fall roots and
everything in between. We plan a mix of traditional &
specialty varieties each season including many
time-tested heirloom selections. We use sustainable
growing methods including crop rotation,
cover-cropping, beneficial insects and organic soil
amendments.  No synthetic chemical fertilizers,
pesticides or GMO seeds are ever used

Vegetable Shares are available for Full Year, Winter &
Summer seasons, with two share sizes to choose from
in the Summer.
Fruit shares feature a seasonal progression of berries
(strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), tree fruits
(cherries, peaches, plums, pears, apples) and melons.  
Some fruits come from our own fields, raised using
sustainable growing methods.  Most fruit currently
comes from other area farms and is raised using
conventional growing practices.  Each delivery typically
contains one variety of fruit, though we sometimes
double up in peak season.

Fruit Shares are available during Summer season.
Fresh brown eggs from our chicken flocks
are available year-round. Our birds are
humanely raised on pasture in large, movable
open-air hoop-coops that are integrated in our
crop rotations. All-natural vegetarian feed &
garden scraps supplement natural foraging.
No hormones or antibiotics are ever used.

Egg shares are available for Full Year, Winter
& Summer seasons.
We raise Freedom Ranger chickens, a slower-
growing and more naturally-proportioned
breed developed in Europe to meet rigorous
Label Rouge free range standards.
chicken shares
are available for Full Year,
Winter & Summer seasons.

Stew hens are available by special order at
the end of each season as a new cohort of
laying hens takes over.

We raise a small flock of traditional broad-
breasted white
turkeys for Thanksgiving –
reserve your turkey now as we always sell out!

All birds are humanely raised on pasture, with
all-natural vegetarian feed & garden scraps to
supplement their foraging. No hormones or
antibiotics are used.

This year we also plan to raise our first small
herds of pastured heritage pigs and beef cattle,
with expected harvest in Fall 2017. Order
forms for pork & beef will be distributed
separately later in the season.